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The spread of covid 19 virus infection in Canada is getting worse! Our frontline medical staff are seriously lacking in equipment to deal with the pandemic, and we need everyone to help us. As residents of the Greater Toronto Area, please everyone, let’s make a contribution to this city and this country!

多伦多象棋会和万锦象棋会准备从中国国内筹集一批医用防护物资运送回加拿大,以帮助在大多伦多市区医院第一线奋战的医护人员。只有他们安全了,我们大家才会安全! 所以希望大家可以踊跃捐款或物资,我们齐心协力,一起努力,抗疫工作一定会早日成功。

The Toronto Xiangqi Association and the Markham Xiangqi Association are preparing to buy a shipment of protective medical supplies in China and bring it to Canada to help front line hospital workers at the Greater Toronto Area Hospitals. Only if they are safe will we all be safe! So we urge everyone who reads this to donate money or supplies to the cause. If we all work together, we can help bring the fight against the virus to a more speedy and successful conclusion.




电邮: txa1988@yahoo.com




电邮: alan.ho@markham.ca



募捐运动仍在进行中。 有关活动或捐赠,请访问:



Please share this message and invite all caring people or groups to join in and work with us! For more details, please contact either our Xiangqi Association or Toronto Councillor Ms. Cynthia Lai, Markham Councillor Mr. Alan Ho.

Toronto Xiangqi Association

Markham Xiangqi Association

Email: txa1988@yahoo.com

Toronto Councillor Ms. Cynthia Lai

Email: councillor_lai@toronto.ca

Markham Councillor Mr. Alan Ho

Email: alan.ho@markham.ca

Richmond Hill Councillor Mr. Castro Liu

Email: castro.liu@richmondhill.ca

The effort is ongoing. For progress or to make a donation. Please visit:

TXA home page

Donation Website

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